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The GCU VISA® Credit Card—Choose Platinum for Reward Points!

Apply today and get quick approval!

We’ve found the credit card we’re happy to offer members. In fact, there’s a lot about the GCU VISA® Credit Card to like:

  • A fixed rate of 8.90 APR*

  • No annual fee and no fee for cash advance

  • Pay off other cards and get a 1.00% cash rebate

  • Quick approval

  • Credit union convenience—make payments and get cash advances right at the credit union

Platinum Preferred VISA® Card option

Choose the Platinum Preferred option and get reward points for every purchase you make. Then redeem your reward points for brand-name merchandise and super travel rewards! Traveling? You’ll get $1,000,000.00 Travel Accident Insurance FREE!

*Rate effective 3-1-2012. Subject to change. Late fee is $20.00. Minimum finance charge is $50.00.

Our NEW Price for Checks—$13.00 for 150 Duplicate Checks

10 Styles to choose from

Offer effective 12/1/11. To reorder, please call (608) 775-4715 or order online.

Your Home & Family Finance Resource Center

The Home & Family Resource Center gives great advice to Credit Union members.

Vehicle Extended Service Contracts and GAP coverage

Put the brakes on expensive car repairs

A factory warranty may not be enough. Plus most major repairs occur after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Consider adding an extended service contract to your loan. Coverage obtained through Gundersen Credit Union may save you money when compared to dealer plans. Available features include low deductibles, roadside assistance reimbursement, car rental, nationwide protection, convenient access to services via toll-free number, reimbursed travel expenses, and increased vehicle resale value.

How do you get an extended service contract?
Contact your Gundersen Credit Union loan representative or call Auto Exam toll free at (800) 709-5792 or visit for more information.

What is GAP coverage?
GAP coverage is Peace of Mind! If your vehicle is ever totaled or stolen, your primary insurance will usually pay only the current market value of your vehicle, less your deductible. If the actual cash value is less than your current loan amount, the result could be a financial gap where you must pay the difference between your loan balance and your insurance settlement. This could mean thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Contact a Gundersen Credit Union representative for more information.